About the Heart Guardian System Coaching Program

HEART GUARDIAN SYSTEM™ (HGS) is a startup telehealth company. The Heart Guardian System Lifestyle Health Coaching Program™ (HGS LIFESTYLE HEALTH COACHING Program) was developed in 2018 in British Columbia, Canada and is currently available in Canada and the United States of America. The program focuses on increasing the engagement of individuals in understanding and improving their own health by increasing capacity and engagement with local health services including Cardiologists and Care Teams which consist of PCP, Dieticians, Nutritionists and our certified HGS lifestyle health coaches.

How the HGS Lifestyle Health Coaching Program Works

The program focuses on improving cardiovascular health with a strong emphasis on lifestyle change by identifying ‘treatment gaps’ where nutrition, movement and stress management have not been optimized.

Heart Guardian System™ coaches, trained and certified in HGS LIFESTYLE HEALTH COACHING Program™, coach the patient on changes in lifestyle, nutrition, movement, stress and sleep management and support them in working with their usual doctor to ensure treatment is optimized for their unique circumstances, based on national guidelines in order to reach target levels for their modifiable risk factors.

Better Outcomes

A high-touch Lifestyle Health Coaching Program delivered over 3 to 12 months

The Business Model

  • B2B2C: Payers and Providers
  • Sales Channels & Distribution: Telehealth and Global IT
  • Direct: Lifestyle Coaching, Remote Patient Monitoring, Rehabilitation

Outcomes Cost-Based Model

  • PMPM-based pricing
  • Annual license fees
  • Outcomes-based pricing
  • One-time integration fee

Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

  • Personalized HGS Nutrition Plan
  • Personalized HGS Movement and Exercise Plan
  • Personalized HGS Stress and Sleep management Plan


  • HRV frequency analytics to improve remote monitoring
  • Biometric Watch – activity levels, sleep, stress, HRV
  • Wireless Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Wireless Digital Weight Scale


  • Reduce Re-Admissions
  • Reduce direct and indirect costs
  • Improve Cardiac Rehab Adherence

(≥ 3 sessions)

  • Improve Cardiac Rehab Time to Enrollment
  • Reduce cholesterol (6 weeks), triglycerides (6-weeks), A1C (3-months)
  • Improve Cardiac Rehab Outcomes – patient enrollment, adherence and clinical outcomes
  • Improve Provider Satisfaction
  • Increase daily physical activity and exercise
  • Improve sleep quality
  • A1C and blood pressure management



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